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RS PRO Transformator toroidalny, 2-wyjściowy, 50VA, 2 x 9V ac, 81575RS

Transformator toroidalny, 2-wyjściowy, 50VA, 2 x 9V ac Znamionowe napięcie pierwotne: 115 V ac, 230 V ac. Prąd wtórny: 2.778A. Wysokość: 33mm. Masa: 740g. Średnica: 80mm. Wymiary: 80 (Dia.) x 33mm. Minimalna częstotliwość robocza: 50Hz. Maksymalna częstotliwość robocza: 60Hz. Typ zakończenia: Wyprowadzenia drutowe, przewód miedziany. MPN: 81575RS, RS PRO

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Expires 04/25/2020

Złącze SMA męskie Kąt prosty 50Ω montaż na k... Moreablu, połączenie zagniatane Termination No Typ kabla: 1.5/3.8, 1.5/3.8 FLEX. Częstotliwość pracy: 0 → 12.4GHz. Pokrycie obudowy: Złoto. Pokrycie styku: Stop miedzi, niklu i złota. Materiał styków: Miedź berylowa. MPN: J01150A0521, Telegartner Less

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Złącze szpilkowe 14-stykowe 2-rzędowe raster 2.... More54mm 4.7A TSW Samtec Typ obudowy: Prosty. W osłonie/Bez osłony: Bez osłony. Typ montażu: Przepust. Układ złączy: Płytka-Płytka, Przewód-Płytka. Metoda zakończenia: Lutowane. Pokrycie styku: Złoto. Typ: Płytka–płytka, przewód–płytka. Materiał styków: Brąz fosforowy. Napięcie znamionowe: 465 V AC. MPN: TSW-107-07-G-D Less

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Taśma na oznaczenia 0808820:0021, seria ZBF 4 QR ... MorePhoenix Contact Do użytku z: Blok zaciskowy. Less

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Expires 08/05/2020

Twist Lock Technology keeps your headphones secure... Mored with a simple twist; Once in place, the earbuds are 'Locked' into place and won't wrangle free even during the most strenuous of exercises. Connectivity Technology: Wired*Inspire ear buds are designed with heavy workouts and intensive exercise in mind; Sweat and moisture won't hold you back from your goals, and it should not affect your headphones*Designed to allow more ambient noise than most other earphones at the same volume levels; This keeps you safe and aware of your surrounding while still committing 100% to your workout*Ergonomically designed to avoid nerve rich areas of the ear; Made with flexible silicone, yurbuds are ultra-soft and comfortable for hours on end Less

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IMPORTANTE: - A soma das capacidades das evaporado... Moreras (unidade interna) do conjunto, não necessariamente se iguala à capacidade total da condensadora (unidade externa). - Em caso onde todas as evaporadoras permaneçam ligadas simultaneamente, a capacidade da condensadora será distribuída entre elas conforme a necessidade de cada ambiente. Multi Split LG O LG Multi Split sistema de ar condicionado é uma solução confortável e elegante de refrigeração para sua casa. Tecnologia Inverter A avançada tecnologia inverter LG leva a uma performance superior com um baixo consumo de energia. Simples Instalação e Manutenção A avançada tecnologia inverter LG leva a uma performance superior com um baixo consumo de energia. Fácil Manutenção Interna No novo projeto otimizado a cobertura da tubulação está fechada e o tamanho da unidade externa foi reduzido em 80 mm na lateral e 25 mm na parte traseira. Agora a unidade pode ser instalada próxima a paredes. A válvula de serviço também se torna mais acessível, sendo possível realizar a manutenção da unidade quando instalada sob janelas. - Instalação não inclusa. Less

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Expires 04/26/2020

Opaska zaciskowa Stal miękka ocynkowana ślimakow... Morea 1MS, Ø 25 → 35mm, Jubilee Typ zacisku: Napęd ślimakowy. Minimalna średnica wewnętrzna: 25mm. Szerokość taśmy: 13mm. Łeb wkrętu/śruby: Podłużna sześciokątna. Less

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Śruba imbusowa, M12 x 35mm, materiał: stal, ocyn... Morekowana 1.75mm Kształt łba: Gniazdo sześciokątne wypukłe. Wykończenie: Powlekane jasnym cynkiem. Rodzaj gwintu: Jednostki metryczne. MPN: Q107380001200035270, RS PRO Less

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Expires 08/11/2020

.Lock Configuration: Keyed Lock. Cable Length: 4 f... Moret. Material: Galvanized Steel Cable. Weight (Approximate): 10.56 oz. Package Contents: MacBook Lock - Macbook Pro Lock - Coiled Cable Lock. .X-trap to Secure Peripherals. .2 x Keys. .Compatibility: All Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks, Desktops, Docking Stations, Monitors, Projectors and other office equipment with built-in security slot. .Maclocks iPad Security Case. .Maclocks MacBook Air Security Case. .Limited Warranty: 1 Year. Package Contents. .MacBook Lock - Macbook Pro Lock - Coiled Cable Lock. .X-trap to Secure Peripherals. .2 x Keys. . Less

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Expires 05/09/2020

This "A" stamp is great for teachers and... More makes grading student assignments quick and easy.- Impression Size: 13/16" x 13/16" in.- IDEAL 4922 self-inking stamp housing- Protective cap- Ink will last for thousands of impressions- Replacement ink pads sold separately Less

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Expires 08/15/2020

.Device Supported: iMac. Device Supported: Keyboar... Mored. Device Supported: Mouse. Minimum Screen Size Supported: 21.Maximum Screen Size Supported: 27".Features: Key Lock. Features: Cable Management. Height: 7".Width: 8.3".Depth: 10.8".Compatibility: Universally compatible with both 21" and 27" iMac models, 2010 and newer. Recycled: No. Recycled Content: 0%.Country of Origin: Taiwan." Less

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Expires 05/21/2020

Dwustronna taśma tkaninowa, 12mm x 0.09mm x 50m, ... Morekolor: półprzezroczysty, Tesa, 51571 Materiał podkładowy: Nietkane. Siła przylegania: 3.2 N/cm. Wydłużenie przy zerwaniu: 0.05. Wytrzymałość na rozciąganie: 5N/cm. Maksymalna temperatura robocza: +40°C. Minimalna temperatura robocza: 0°C. MPN: 51571-00003-00 Less

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Expires 06/09/2020

Cyclops Series cases provide superior protection a... Moregainst drops and other impacts in a slim design. These cases feature shock-absorbing Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) and polycarbonate, providing two layers of protection and outstanding protection against impacts. In addition, the hardened polycarbonate exterior allows it to slide in and out of pockets with ease. This case Series protects device power ports and audio jacks with TPE plugs to keep out dirt and debris. These cases also include dust filters to protect speaker bays, and a built-in screen protector for the ultimate screen protection. Each case includes patent pending audio technology that redirects sound to the front of the device to provide an enhanced audio experience. The included lanyard loop allows you to accessorize your phone with key chains, charms or other accessories. Cyclops Series cases feature hardened bio-enhanced plastic that is recyclable, degradable and compostable, making it truly eco-friendly. These cases are independently tested to meet Military Standard MIL-STD-810F for drop, vibration, dust, sand and rain. Less

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Expires 04/26/2020

Opaska zaciskowa Stal miękka ocynkowana ślimakow... Morea 3XMS, Ø 60 → 80mm, Jubilee Typ zacisku: Napęd ślimakowy. Minimalna średnica wewnętrzna: 60mm. Szerokość taśmy: 13mm. Łeb wkrętu/śruby: Podłużna sześciokątna. Less

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Expires 06/17/2020

Support and configure bandwidth-intensive operatio... Morens that match your performance needs with this OWC ThunderBay 4 JBOD solution. The vented aluminum chassis keeps the drives cool and running quietly, while rugged, nonskid feet dampen vibrations and reduce sonic resonance. This Other World Computing ThunderBay 4 JBOD solution has 8TB of storage for heavy use. Less

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Expires 08/03/2020

Beautiful black woodgrain finish*Contemporary stai... Morenless steel clad poles*Fits most flat screen TV's up to 47"*Eco-Friendly Solid Wood Construction Less

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Expires 09/12/2020

Very Good Good shape with typical wear. Pages are ... Moreunmarked and sharp. Paperback Used-Very Good 20112nd Edition. Less

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人性化的iPhone擁有靈敏觸控和直覺使... More的特色,始終是初次接觸智慧型手機的首選。在iPhone 3GS之後,後續機種iPhone 4和iPhone 4S讓Apple市占率節節攀升,年度冠軍機iPhone 5更進一步將螢幕升級至4吋,16:9完美比例的Retina視網膜螢幕超乎想像的細緻,閱讀或觀看影音檔都相當舒適。拿iPhone好長一段時間的你還只會打電話、接電話,三不五時下載App在螢幕上滑來滑去玩遊戲嗎?少膩了!搭配iOS 6.x作業系統的iPhone 5提供使用者更棒 Less

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Expires 05/24/2020

Siłownik kompaktowy dwustronnego działania CCI z... More amortyzacją elastyczną, Ø 32mm, skok 30mm, R422001315 Aventics Czynność: Podwójna. Typ amortyzacji: Rubber. Wymiary: 81.4 x 50 x 50mm. Długość: 81.4mm. Szerokość: 50mm. Maksymalne ciśnienie robocze: 10 bar. Wysokość: 50mm. Masa: 453g. Minimalna temperatura robocza: -20°C. Maksymalna temperatura robocza: +80°C. Less

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Expires 05/15/2020

Pianka antystatyczna, szerkość: 229mm, Rolka MPN: 600-0422, RS PRO

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Expires 06/27/2020

Acer G257HU monitor sports a super-slim profile wi... Moreth an X-shaped stand that lets it fit nicely in spaces of any size. Outstanding performance, eco-friendliness and smart use of energy complement the sleek design - all while staying well within budget. This Acer monitor showcases a 25" Widescreen LCD with impressive 2560 x 1440 WQHD resolution that delivers excellent detail, making it perfect for widescreen HD gaming, multimedia and productivity applications. Enjoy widely available 16:9 HD digital content without image distortion on the expansive widescreen LCD. The remarkable 100 Million:1 contrast ratio ensures a crystal-clear viewing experience while rapid 4ms response time keeps moving images sharp. It also supports both HDMI and DVI inputs offering greater compatibility. The Acer G257HU LCD brings an amazing multimedia experience to your home with a widescreen cinematic view and a unique fighter pilot style. Less

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Expires 08/28/2020

Made in Japan, Anonymous Ism's Wool Cable Crew Soc... Moreks are knitted from a comfortable and absorbent material to perfectly fit the foot. The socks feature a contrasting cuff and cable knit design. - Available in three colours. - One size fits all. - Wool blend. - Made in Japan. - Navy/Grey. Less

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Expires 05/24/2020

Aluminiowy kondensator elektrolityczny 470μF ±20... More% 16V dc THT Panasonic Pojemność: 470µF. Typ montażu: Otwór przezierny. Technologia: Elektrolityczne. Wymiary: 8 (Dia.) x 11.5mm. Wysokość: 11.5mm. Minimalna temperatura robocza: -55°C. Średnica: 8mm. Maksymalna temperatura robocza: +105°C. Rozstaw wyprowadzeń: 3.5mm. Okres eksploatacji: 1000h. Seria: HD RADIAL. Pulsacja prądu: 310mA. Prąd upływowy: <= 0,01 CV lub 3 μA przy 2 min. MPN: EEUHD1C471 Less

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Expires 04/07/2020

Get your sugar fix without the calories with our C... Moreolorful Cupcakes Address Labels. Cupcakes are fun treats that have become so popular that some trendy bakeries specialize in cupcakes. Cupcakes can be decorated with fruit, sprinkles, frosting and other treats. Cupcakes are sometimes called 'fairy cakes' or 'baby cakes.' Matching personal checks are also available. Less

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Konektor płaski, rozgałęźnik, seria: FASTON .2... More50, ocynkowany, TE Connectivity Izolacja: Nieizolowane. Minimalny rozmiar przewodu mm2: 2mm². Maksymalny rozmiar przewodu mm2: 6mm². Długość całkowita: 19.56mm. Minimalny rozmiar przewodu AWG: 14AWG. Maksymalny rozmiar przewodu AWG: 10AWG. Rozmiar występu: 6.35 x 0.81mm. Pokrycie styku: Cyna. Materiał styków: Mosiądz. Grubość występu: 0.81mm. Szerokość występu: 6.35mm. MPN: 62253-2 Less

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Expires 04/19/2020

1T-VS-668 Video Scaler is a commercial ... Moreswitcher-scaler with versatile format conversion and multi-output routing capability. Fully scalable video inputs include HDMI, DVI via DVI-to-HDMI adapter, analog RGB via HD-15 connectors, analog YPbPr or 480i-576i YUV Component via three RCA connectors and Composite Video. It handles I-O Resolutions up to 1080p and WUXGA. Both digital and analog audio processing are supported and audio delays of up to 150ms can be introduced to ensure lip sync. Eight analog stereo and inputs can be selected for embedding into the HDMI outputs. Separate coaxial digital and stereo audio outputs are also provided.

  • Cross Conversion of Analog & Digital Audio
  • Audio Delay for Lip Sync Correction
  • HDCP Compliant
  • 3D Motion Adaptive De-Interlacing
  • Noise Reduction, 3D Comb Filter
  • Web GUI Control Interface
  • Infrared Remote Control
  • Locking DC Power Supply
  • Rack Mount Kit

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  • 995.00 USD

Expires 05/23/2020

Przewód pomiarowy VSFK 6000 / 2.5 / 200 / GE, PVC... More, 32A, 1kV, kolor: żółty, dł. 2m, CAT III 1000 V Rodzaj złącza A: Męski. Rodzaj złącza B: Męski. Złącze A w osłonie: Tak. Złącze B w osłonie: Tak. Możliwość łączenia kaskadowego złącza A: Tak. Możliwość łączenia kaskadowego złącza B: Tak. Orientacja złącza A: Prosty. Orientacja złącza B: Proste. Materiał styków: Miedź berylowa. Minimalna temperatura robocza: -10°C., Schutzinger Less

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Expires 05/17/2020

Spinka do kabli, 8mm, materiał: Stal galwanizowan... Morea, HellermannTyton Styl zacisku kablowego: Opaska do kabli. Metoda mocowania: Samoprzylepny. Kolor: Biały. Długość: 38mm. Szerokość: 25 mm. MPN: 901-10517 Less

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Expires 04/14/2020

Potencjometr 6,35 mm 10kΩ ±10% 1W ±150ppm/°C O... Morebrotowy Montaż panelowy 91 Bourns Stopniowanie elektryczne: Liniowe. Materiał elementu: Cermet. Typ zakończenia: Styk PC. Długość wału: 22.2mm. Typ siłownika: Wałek rowkowany. MPN: 91A1A-B28-A15L Less

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